Exam time – A result or the process

Dear Students who would take exams,


We would like to share a few views, it worked for us in Guru & Jana – hope it would work for your organisation too.  The reference drawn is for members of Guru & Jana, but the context applies to every entity.  Happy reading.



Dear all,


It was a cold winter night, the prod towards a meeting point at the night 2 AM was unnerving.  The dogs howled, there were no phones nor lights.  There were no cars or bikes. Armed with just a half arm shirt [T shirts were a luxury], the two article trainees marched on.  One was coming from his house, and the other from his hostel. The duo had a single line of communique “Lets meet @ 2 AM in Netkalapppa Circle”.  Carrying a small packet of poha, and with grit in hands and conviction in soul, we met.


Pleasantries were a simple ‘hi, did you eat?’ and the next question was ‘Were you able to get all sums of Study material 17?’.  We sat in the bus stop [which is there even today], exchanged notes.  A small scribbling pad was the only writing solace, those were the days which were not punctuated by mobiles, social media, whats app, television, entertainment, food and the like.  Those were the days where the only diversion was between books, and discussion.  We did not even have a land line at home.


The 2 people who met were Guru & Jana.  They had given their Final II Group, and to understand SADP [Systems Analysis & data processing subject] was more a fiction for the duo who had not even seen how a computer looks.  The only semblance of a computer was the black & white TV screen which was adorned by dust in the corner of their dwellings.


With no strength, to tackle the might of a CA final exam, seemed an onerous task.  The CA final exam seemed to be a mammoth wall which had to be conquered with just bare hands.  There were no study material [we had to photo copy the same, or at times when we could not afford photocopy, we had to write them on rough one sided sheets].  There were no coaching academies, and with a great pampering we could get a few minutes of the Boss.  There was scarcity of everything, there was shortage of resources, money, knowledge, exposure, mentors, food and books.  Yet, there was abundance of something.    This abundance was guarded with a great deal of fervour, and this abundance was protected with pride and caution.


Many students have appeared for exams, both for IPCC and Final.  They had all the stuff we had never imagined to possess, but the students did not possess the  “abundance” what we had.  Today’s students had the luxury of all technology, material, courses, academies,  crash courses and the chain rolls on. Yet they lacked the abundance what we possessed.


Many of you, who read this life message would not concur with what i am trying to convey.  You will build your own defence mechanisms.  You will build walls of disbelief and disapproval.  Yet, what i would endeavour to convey in this is prologue is weighing slightly on the side of the duo, just because we were born a few decades before you, we have a more grey hair than you do and more important, We love you.


What is the abundance we possessed and you were not having?


“ Time & efforts” is what we had in abundance. There was no scarcity of these 2.  We were also given just 3 months to pass exams, we were also having the same subjects, exposure was much lesser in those days.  Yet, the most important part we had was abundance.


Time was available, we didn’t have bikes.  We had to cycle to office for 4 Kms.  Yet time was in abundance because we never had intrusions, we never had social disturbances and we never had the evil of tech [during studies].  Just see the amount of diversions which are the fort of your world.  Everyone have mobile phones, televisions, festivals, weddings, friends, whats app, display pics, face book posts, academies, dressing up, eating out and the list again can be a chain.  We never had any of these, and we are thankful to God for that.  We used to get the full 24 hours for ourselves.  You may feel that “just seeing a whats app” for 4 minutes is not a crime.  You may feel “Just attending a wedding is a slight diversion”.  Yet the amount of time you invest on studies seems to head south.


Efforts were the next one.   Jana & Myself would study for over 17 hours a day for 3 months.  During work days, we used to study 5 hours.  The only diversion would be switch subjects.  We had lived so many 19 hour hard work.  It was done with such joy, love, and fun.  We fell in love with accounts, audit, tax and the works.  There was so much time. We used to be so fresh in the mid of night at 2 AM, we meet for 15 minutes, discuss the doubts and walk back alone.  So glad we were alone in that walk.  We would introspect, rehearse, live…..  It pains, when some students come back from exams and proudly proclaim we studied hard, we studied 9 hours a day.  It was quality time.  There is nothing called quality time in CA.  Every minute has to be quality.  Just because we studied 19 hours, that does not mean 8 were low quality.  Every minute is a prayer.  I fathom the thought ‘how come such less effort is displayed’.  Do not loose time, it will never come back.  Do not think the best and toughest exam can be passed by studying 4 months and just a part of the day.


If you study 4 months, and 10 hours a day.  That means you have had 1200 hours.  Each subject would just around 100 hours.  In 100 hours to master a profession seems a fallacy.  Efforts have to be more, study time has to be more.  Start today, start now.


We had time and we had efforts.   I know you would scoff me, but finally it is your life, it is your CA, it is your profession.  I do not get anything at all in putting you down, we love you.  We respect you, we want to see you as stars of the future.


Do not get diversions, it is a meditation.  You are on a mission.  You are on a purpose.  Do not take it as a lax.  Many of you have not done well.  I for sure can mark a super star mark to many of the article trainees who failed.  I have seen fabulous minds in you, i have experienced a very mature and superb brain in you.  You are all ten times smarter than what we were.  You are all intelligent, you are all too good.  In a single word you are a “star”.  Yet, the results will only favour the “combo offer of time & efforts”


Just ignore the world, ignore the friends.  Fall in love with your books, do not ignore the ICAI study material.  Have an affair with accounts.  Have an  intimate relationship with Law.  Have a soul mate with audit.  Be with yourself.  Think its for you.  You deserve to pass.  Just get Time & efforts on your side.  Increase your efforts.  We are not super intelligent beings, we are hardworking with a good brain.  We need to work harder, move faster, do not waste time. Now Move.


You will walk to the rainbow with a smile


Lots of respect and affection to each of you



I write this from Goa – took a 2 day ‘me-time’ holiday