First in a Billion

Dear Readers,


We would like to share a few views, it worked for us in Guru & Jana – hope it would work for your organisation too.  The reference drawn is for members of Guru & Jana, but the context applies to every entity.  Happy reading.


Dear Members,


As we start our new financial year, we will start with a creative process today.  After you read this, welcome the new friend with anticipation and love, and then we will build the new friendship together.


You could be wondering who is the new friend.  It is not just a friend, it is our temple.  The office & profession is our place of worship to many dedicated members.  Our office building has become a well known structure, and brand identity today.  We have been growing as a team & a family. We are growing in revenues & brand.  We are growing in love & bonding.  As a part of this growth trajectory, the physical office space is also constrained.  We had to buy a new building and shift this existing one, but that was a long drawn effort.


The Good news to start the new financial year is, we will be constructing 2 more floors of beauty adjacent to our office.  We will occupy the 3rd floor and the 4th floor, which will be accessed through a beautiful hanging walk-over or bridge.  Now start imagining as to how the building will look.  It will be an entry through an open air bridge  [if we get wet in the beauty of rain as we pass the passage, lets enjoy nature].  Just close your eyes, and see the structure, coming up next to us.  It would be an extended friend to our office.  It would not take years to construct, with the advent of tech, we envisage to accomplish this new building in 3 months.   Now, after you have visualised, give us a few ideas.  What would you like the interiors of the new Structure be.


As i Penned this Life message, just passed around the thought to a few people around me.  They gave some beautiful inputs like:

  • Retain the same existing design, so that it has similarity
  • Have one floor like a traditional ethinic floor & the other a modern Italian floor
  • We can have a wall of nostalgia, depicting the growth of office & another wall depicting our values
  • One floor can be colour of youth & funky, while the other could be a pure Black & White design
  • We can have a floor with a cement finish, and have the different visiting cards, letter heads formats from the inception
  • Have a logo wall of Guru & Jana, where in different logo’s of the firm get displayed
  • Have a design of all the 1st April Tax returns filed, or have events of the office in show
  • Have a floor of display of sports in Office or a floor of Indian music

This can go on and on, but let me stop penning further.  Its now time for you to revert with your views.  I would look forward for your views, put your thinking caps on.  Let it out of the box, or out of the boundary.  Or, it can be superb, simple and naked.  Your views matter, you Matter.


Having said the new growth – Some routine happenings in the office could include  yet again being 1st in a Billion people [We filed the first ever tax return in India], the entire team rallied around work and all the financial targets and desires were met, Articles Stipend policy changed, new clients galore, new members joined us.  The saga of flow continues with Partners visiting Dubai for IDT work, visiting Canada for speaking in conferences.  The team developed a tool for a Fortune 500 MNC, which appears to be now going global.  The firm is envisaging to have a training session in IIM, Bangalore, the tiller is ticking, time is ticking.  It is in our favour, lets move.  Being 1st in a Billion could be a dream for a billion people, it appears quite routine for us now.  The Finance Team worked superbly to retain the gold.


The friend next door….