GST Day, CA Day, A Great Day – Life Message

Dear Readers,


We would like to share a few views, it worked for us in Guru & Jana – hope it would work for your organisation too.  The reference drawn is for members of Guru & Jana, but the context applies to every entity.  Happy reading.


Dear friends,

There are important aspects of the global economy happening across the world.  GST is a big step, CA day is a proud day, a New of New CA syllabi, a day where many accomplishments would unfold.  Another day gifted by the Lord, as i type down in the sands of the beach in Bali.. just closed my eyes and thanked God, and each one of you.  You have been so dear.

As these accomplishments run past my eyes like waves in the Bali beaches i recollect the fabulous Town-hall we had.  It has been a talking point in the profession, and have heard accolades from across India and parts of the globe.  Kudos to each one of you to make it possible.

As people stepped to take the awards, i recollect my childhood days.  I was a loner in school, failed an year, was always last in academics, sports, cultural activities, but first in being naughty, rebellious and had my own path.  I had carved a niche for myself in several spaces, where others had been behind.  I was a super CSR fund raiser in school, had always organised the trips & picnics.  Was the core member of  NCC etc.  So there were areas where i was good too.  There were no followers nor leaders, as i was alone.  Every year, there would be the school day, and I would be seated with baited breath, if my name would be announced.

I was hoping i would get some reward, some award, some recognition or an appreciation.  The least could have been a mention of my name on the stage. That was everything for me.  Yet, years passed and decades rolled by, nothing happened.  The entire school days of 12 years moved as if i did not exist.  This repeated in the college, though academically and in sports I shone like a star.  I took to debating etc, but never got a word on the stage, nor an award.

I always felt the system was flawed, i deserved more.  Every award function would be a turn over a facedown for me.  I would go with aspirations and come back with perspiration.  I would go with anticipation and come back with dejection.  It became a part of life.  This ordeal continued in CA, though i passed in first attempt.  Then i joined a job, and then another, yet what i was longing was never a reality.  My name never came on the stage.  I was in Rotary, and not even here.  Waited, Waited, and waited, but did not lose hope.  At one point of time, i reached a  stage where i no longer needed the recognition.  All my 4 decades of existence no medal nor a certificate, and i had already started Guru & Jana.

I felt the system was wrong, people were biased and the list went on and on.  Then there was Bhakti 2005 a convention organised by Mahatria, and they were giving awards. I was 100% sure my name would never figure out, as i had a track record of 4 decades.  Then the name popped out ‘Living role model’ award and it was given by someone who has been my life blood.   All of a sudden all the 4 decades seemed to be fair.

Even in the office awards functions, some of you got it, some of you did not.  Some of you might have deserved it but might have missed out.  It was an event where 100 things had to be stitched together, the booklet, the editing, the Modi coats coming from across India, hotel arrangements, suggestions responses, the speakers, the external professional who spoke, the awards, the gifts, the cheques, the music, the PPT, the video and the flow is on.  Amidst so many things, there is a possibility of a slip between the cup and lip.  There is a possibility one name could not have got mentioned.  Yet, do not take it in your heart.   I learnt it the hard way, you should learn it the right way.

It is only a possibility that you are just around the corner, there is no end, it is only an bend.  Just hold on what you doing, you are rocking.  Just be sustainable and not a one role performer.  Continue smiles, continue your love and the world will listen to you.

Rejoice the awards for people who got it more than the fact that you did not get it.  That would give you a sense of purpose.  Awards are only a milestone and not a destination. Congrats and kudos to the winners, and deep respects to everyone who did not get it too. There is no thought that some are better than others, it is only a perception.  Keep perception as real, you will love the world. I for one am sure the winners are stars of the future, that does not belittle the others, each one has a space in the universe.  The winners did fabulous does not translate to the fact the others didn’t not do well, they were good too.

My personal award goes to each one of you, for being you.

Love you on this GST day, CA day, our day

Team Guru & Jana