Impractical – Life Message

Dear Readers,


We would like to share a few views, it worked for us in Guru & Jana – hope it would work for your organisation too.  The reference drawn is for members of Guru & Jana, but the context applies to every entity.  Happy reading.


Dear team of (Im)Practical members,


It is so commonly heard “Its not practical”.  The cliche ‘be practical’ has become a part of accepted language.  Lets look at the other way, if we were practical and struck to the conformist in ourselves of being ‘normal’ – we would never have got a Virat or a Dhoni.  Follow the team or create a path – determines the course of action.


For policies of Guru & Jana – it has to be follow the team, but when it comes to solutions, creativity, method of work and way of life – Create a path.  When it is value systems of Guru & Jana, lets follow as a team, but when it comes to a personality – create a path.  When it comes to Papilio at office, lets work as a team, but when it comes to your Presentation of deliverables let there be a style statement.  A healthy mix of “follow v/s create” is required.


Now lets talk about being impractical.  Lets talk about doing thing which have not been done by others.


Tax returns on 1st April:

Our firm is again 1st in a billion – i feel this sentence is enough and it does require no introduction.  If we were practical we might have filed it in August or possibly the last date also.


Is India Corrupt:

India is not corrupt, the person is.  India is rated as the 76 most corrupt country, not a distinction to be proud of.


Every body complain that India is corrupt, income tax is bad.  Yet the Tax Team has done close to 50 Assessments, under trying circumstances.  They decided not to be practical, but be idealistic.  The value of the firm is important.  Our values determine our value. The entire team rallied together and produced results.  50 Assessments done, without even thinking about corruption.  Yes, there were unreasonable additions and substantial victories too.  Yet the victory was of the firm, we won.  In the end, it is never between ‘us & them’, it is always between ‘us & him’.


Guru & Jana office:

A totally non AC, almost no locks, no cabins – Is this practical.  It is NOT, by any stretch of imagination!  Now, we are exploring to get us a larger, bigger, and more beautiful office.  Is it practical for a CA firm to think a new larger complex within 4 years after getting this building – No it is not.

  • If it is practical, everyone would have done it.  Yes, it is not practical.  Thats why we need to do it.
  • Is it practical to have a firm with partners knit like a family.  No it is not.  Then lets do it.
  • Is it practical to set up profession in Muscat, NO it is not.  Then lets do it
  • Is it practical to measure the ticks. No it is not. then lets do it, a new app is coming soon.
  • Is it practical to grow 35% every year.  No it is not.  Then lets do it
  • Is it practical to grow our Mahatria Foundation to 1111 Kids.  No it is not.  Then Lets do it.
  • Is it practical for a CA firm to bring out a global publication.  No it is not.  Then lets do it.
  • Is it practical to meet Mukesh Ambani, Piramals,  Vaghul easily.  No it is not.  Then lets have tea with them.
  • Is it practical to move into an office which is 3 times the existing one, with 3 times more fun.  No it is not.  Then lets do it.
  • Is it practical to have 100 Chartered Accountants qualify from our office.  No it is not.  Then we must do it.

When we dare to create a path, we will face challenges.  Challenges can be won, and some times, the challenges win.  So be it, lets do it.  Even then lets do it.



Team Guru & Jana


Arise, awake, and stop not till the goal is reached