Small things with Great love – Guru & Jana

Small things with Great love – Guru & Jana

Over 30 newcomers would be reading this life message for the first time.  We have 30 newcomers who joined us during the month, which is spread between Chartered Accountants, experienced accountants, Article Trainees, Tech Staff, Data analytics staff and help.  Welcome to the family – this mail is christened as. “Life message” and it would reach your inbox on the 1st working day of every month.

A quote “We cannot all do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” – Mother Teresa.  This has become an embedded part of my life since the time I heard it.  Lets not wait to become a Chartered Accountant and then start living or doing good.  Let us not wait for something big to happen “so that you can tell your college principal”.  Let us not wait for that good day, every day is a good day for a good deed.  Any small thing done with great love can take us beyond miles.  I cannot fathom the idea that a small “whatsapp status” could make a difference in over a dozen families.  We do so many forwards in our life, if we do not do it with love, we could just be a life which is a forward.  We were born and we are gone, it is another forward.  Armed with this thought, have always been doing small things with great love and it has been a guiding force in life.

A single photo on a wall when we started Guru & Jana; today is the much talked about GJ Photo wall.  A childish prank to file the returns within April has made us the 1st in a billion.  A small email created the God in the Boardroom.  A whatsapp status could create lives of people.

Recently, there was the dastardly and cowardly suicide attack on the army personnel in Pulwama where over 40 Indian Army heroes died.  Anger invaded social media, gory pics flooded all the screens, remorse painted the sky black and it was a silent day of a burning heart.  My heart cried too in pain, wish I could something. Google directed me to a site https://bharatkeveer.gov.in/ where I could help the aggrieved families.  Just paid a small token to start the process, and the certification of my love to the army was displayed in my WhatsApp status update.  Within an hour I could see many folks at office do the same, and by the lunchtime – it had become a chain reaction.  It churned some action, some contribution, it was better than brood time.

Armed with this silent victory, just made a few calls to a few people who had seen my Whatsapp status, and checked how their chain could progress.  Assisted by a pen and paper, could jot down the names of 942 people who had contributed and posted the certificate within a period of 6 hours.  It swelled by night and had reached 2131 number and the amount contributed in the certificate reached a staggering 21,13,143/- [obviously as an auditor, we love the audit trial and collect evidences].

At no point did we realise that one post could do so much good.  The deed need not be humungous, but can we do a small deed with great love.  A gentle pat to a co-professional, a thank you to a client.  A chocolate to a colleague, instead of talking to the laptop – a smile and a cup of tea to a trainee who needs your time, an article about money laundering, teaching a few about professional engagements, a hug, home-made food for a colleague who doesn’t stay with his family, and the list goes on.  Can we create a chain of goodness.

When a system has to be developed in the organisation, a buy-in of the entire 389 people is not possible, can we first buy-in with 20 people and can these 20 make it 100, and then this could go on to become 389 or 390 [by the time you would have read this life message, we would have added one more].

Today – Bharat Ke Veer has posted the heroes of Indian army, can we do our bit.  Can it be a rupee, or a hundred or a thousand, the quantum does not matter, it is your thought which matter, followed by the action.  What you count counts.

We have created an organisation which has not just made a difference to our lives, it has made a difference to the entire fraternity, people aspire to be like us.  We have contributed to the profession, a clean, honest, profitable, happy organisation and it is not made by large actions, it is made by small actions with great love.  A Dandi march started with a step and the culmination of all the steps could see British leave India.  Lets move.

Always yours,

Team Guru & Jana