Dear Readers,

We would like to share a few views, it worked for us in Guru & Jana – hope it would work for your organisation too.  The reference drawn is for members of Guru & Jana, but the context applies to every entity.  Happy reading.

All of us are doing our best to keep the energy alive.  The Chinese Virus has uprooted the very fragment of life, the world is down on its knees.  After the safety measures, the Gurujana Connect created a virtual fence around us, and we have been having a series of positive engagements.  Yet, productivity has come down by 50% in the organisation.  To read this message a few times and internalise it, is itself a contribution you can do.

What are we doing at home?

  • A few of us are working 14 hours hectic relay, not necessarily fully productive.
  • For some, just doing Papilio review, keeping in touch with team, arranging zoom calls has been a full time effort.
  • A few have partial work & are free, and a few more in a prison cell without anything to do, just gaze at the road.
  • Yet the ship of Guru & Jana is sailing through the internet, zoom, whatsapp, mobile calls.
  • It was so heart touching when Venkatesh Govindu had a choked voice, that he had nothing to contribute and he was at home while the country lamented.

 What is the situation at office?

The physical office is locked, and sealed, except the security and nature, there is no other companion to the birds in the Cafeteria. The photographs smile at vacuum, and yet the energy, love, bliss in the place remains intact, and would wait to receive each of us as the tough times would end soon.  And we all would stride across with pride that we understood as responsible educated citizens of the world, that we had to stay home.

What’s happening on the professional front?

You might have seen in social media that most MNC audit firms are reducing salaries or retrenching people, we did get a few calls from our colleagues who had gone in search of greener pastures, as it was definitely not as green as it appeared.  Most CA firms are reducing the stipend and salaries.  This is necessary because the clients are not paying the invoices, and neither there is enough productivity, which can keep the machine churning and the train chugging along.  Even at Guru & Jana, most of the clients have not paid and the trickle drops of collections are seen far and between.  There would be enough impact with new clients treading cautiously, and older clients functioning with a scarcity mind frame.  There is nothing more to tell when the scenario is not very colourful.  Across the world people renegotiated leases, and stopped payment of rents and many elective works.  Elective surgeries have been postponed, let alone engagements.

I have a sense of gratitude to our firm Guru & Jana

I have deep gratitude to the firm, that we locked down the office much before anyone could imagine.  The sanitisers, the masks emerged a week before the lock down, and the posters warned enough while the HR screamed messages of safety.  Felt so happy to be a part of the firm, when all the 400 were insured in no time.  Personal care was taken that each member moves to their homes, either in Bangalore, Sira or Gujarat.  Desktops were shifted to people’s homes. Dongles were given to few homes, and allowances for internet usage also provided to people [which would get processed as reimbursements on 10th].  Rent for the Vande building, Mysore, Hyderabad & Jaipur was paid on time, and so were the statutory remittances.  I would not like to lose an opportunity to thank the firm, that she moved pillars to make the bridges happen in its direction.  I would also like to thank people like Venkateshu who displayed maturity and expressed his gratitude in this hour, and fully understand that all the 5 fingers are not the same.  The world has people like Venkatesh and in the same plateau exist extreme few who deem it a right not even to feel a word of gratitude let alone express it, let this tribe perish along with the Chinese Virus.  The world is a great place when people like Farrel write to the partners willing to contribute their everything to the situation, it is because of such glorious hearts the world smiles.

Salaries and reimbursements to all of us

There is enough worry on the economic scenario due to the mess the Chinese left in the world.  Yet, the firm has mustered enough internal resources to plough back to take care of salaries, reimbursements, create more Gurujana Connect events, spread  cheer, with all its gratitude and happiness, because finally each of us are members of the same firm, she will take care of all of us, but it is also time to recognise that we have to take care of her too.  If she is not doing well, how can we!  

This Chinese virus will not be something which will collapse soon, it is not a battle, it is a long war which will be testing each of us.  In this war, we need to keep ammunition in the form of cash conservation with the firm.  The fragment of understanding would be “Let the basic necessities be taken care of, we will manage the rest later”.  With this thought, the PMS, increments, leave encashment, variable pay [quarterly upwards] would be stopped till normalcy is attained.  I am sure you agree that conveyance is paid only when you incur it.  Having said that, all these would be paid to you positively when normalcy is attained.  I would not like to commit a date, because the future is not known.

How can you take care of her?

  • Have an honest day’s effort, and if you do not have work, please ask.  Please write to me directly too.
  • Stay indoors, and participate in all the events of Gurujana connect.
  • Do the free online courses and complete the exams.
  • Post in the diary, with time spent [have seen some blokes do Papilio review for 3 hours, and some file a form which takes 30 seconds and report that they invested 4 hours].
  • Be a true Indian, and work for the country.
  • Play the anthem, even if you are alone at your desk at 10 AM.
  • Be prepared mentally for any extension of the lockdown, contribute when Gurujana needs you more now than ever before.
  • Contribute through work, or stand with her, when she needs your support.  It could be financial contribution, emotional, or professional.

Let’s together fight this, let’s keep peace, let’s be happy, lets Connect, not just on the internet, but in heart and soul.  This is the time where the grain is separated from the shaft, this is the time when the weeds would have to let go of the beautiful trunk.  Fortunately we have only flowers, seeds, fruits, and lovely leaves with us, and no weeds.

In gratitude to all of you,

Team Guru & Jana