Corporate Law and Governance Services

Ensuring that you can concentrate on growing your business in an upward direction is very important to us. Handing over matters of corporate law and secretarial practice to us, can give your Board of Directors space to concentrate on their shareholder duties and focus on higher levels of operations.

We handle:

  • The incorporation of several types of legal entities or statutory registrations required to
    operate in India
  • Compliance under the Foreign Exchange Management Act
  • Related advisory services
  • Training in Corporate Governance

We are experienced in the position of being an advisor for the Boards of Companies. We can even handle all needs under the Companies Act, 2013.

In terms of corporate law, we handle:

  • Shareholder Agreements,
  • The Governance Mechanism of Holding Companies, etc

Training in Corporate Governance

Our firm has a joint venture with an Australian CPA firm called Exemplar. The firm renders Corporate governance training to Boards across India through the expertise of Con Livissianis of Exemplar, Australia

Litigation and Regulatory Process

In order to resolve any disputes or matters of court we also handle matters in:

  • The Company Law Tribunal
  • Company Courts
  • Official Liquidations
  • The Registrar of Companies
  • Other bodies of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs