Mahatria Guru & Jana Foundation

The children of today are the leaders of tomorrow, and in our efforts to nurture the influencers of the future, Guru and Jana has founded a trust to educate poor children.

The Mahatria Guru & Jana Foundation provides sponsorship for children to send them to school, and then onto higher education such as high school and college.

We currently sponsor 84 children from poor or destitute families and have also constructed an old age home where 80 destitute people currently stay.

Some of our proudest achievements include not only the happiness of our team and the satisfaction and trust our clients put in us, but also the far-reaching effects from our charitable work.

We have one Earth

Let us work towards keeping our eco-system clean, we have only 1 earth.
Guru & Jana along with Youth for Parivarthan, created a garden amidst filth.