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  • For Our Clients

Each of our services is represented by an Engagement Partner. Every client engagement is allocated a client team – a combination of a Partner, a Practice Leader, and a team member, stitched through a well-articulated process and technology – while the client only interacts with a single dedicated contact.

Our Services

The firm renders services in the lines of Audit and Assurance, Taxation, Corporate Law, Consulting and Business Advisory, Foreign Exchange Regulation, Valuation, Insolvency and Bankruptcy Practice and Corporate Accounting Solutions. Our services could be encompassed in a single statement: ‘Ask and we shall deliver’. We practice a strict independence policy.

India Entry Services

We specialise in India Entry services. Over 35% of our clients have offices overseas. From the inception services, periodic recurring services and annual year close arrangements – the firm would be your partner for all tax, commercial law, accounting, compliances, and year close activity for foreign entities who set up operations in India. We have competencies to be your single point of contact for our clients’ India operations.

Start-up Eco System

We have also focussed our attention on start-up eco systems. Over 30% of our clients are in the start-up space, ranging from garage start-ups to unicorns. We handhold the client in every facet of their operations. We also engage in domain knowledge on technology, representing the start-ups in diligences, investor communications, advisory, ESOP, valuations et al, as partners in their growth trajectory.


For Further Details

We understand clients have specific requirements, therefore, if you need more information, please give us your coordinates, we will send you a client specific note.
To learn more please email hello@gurujana.com

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