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GST – Proceeds will go to our foundation

Where Did My Profits Go? (2019)

Private Edition
Authors: Guru Prasad, Jana Ardhana, Prashanth and Veeresh
Illustration: Harsho Mohan Chattoraj
Foreword: T.N.Seshan and Ravi Venkatesan

GST is going through a metamorphosis. The authors of a new book believe that the knowledge of GST does not need to be esoteric and steeped in pedagogy. It is after all a concept that affects the day-to-day lives of over a billion people.

The book, ‘Where did my Profits Go?’ is an attempt to help the nation, its business community and the government in the process of educating the average Indian about GST. The authors have tried to tackle the subject with simplicity by creatively presenting the framework of the new regulation in easy terms.

The book’s preface, written by T.N. Seshan in what could be his last public note, has the firebrand former Chief Election Commissioner reassuring businessmen and their accountants that GST is not all Greek or Latin. He says that the law is simple, if it is understood in the way it has to be. And that’s exactly what the book does.

It is an attempt to help both high-profile board members and small businessmen to understand GST by bringing out the law in a narrative story format. Infused with a dose of humour and illustrations, even a daunting subject like GST can be made easy, claim the authors.

‘Where did my Profits Go?’ covers everything from registration, tax invoices and e-way bill to exports, return and audit under GST.

The book is for the most part a collection of anecdotes about the various aspects of GST aimed at the layman, with technical notes to support the stories with sufficient legal provision. The anecdotal tales are authored by Guru Prasad, a Chartered Accountant who has engaged professionally with several corporations in India, with help from CA Jana Ardhana. The technical notes are written by CA Prashanth, an international tax expert and Veeresh, a Chartered Accountant specializing in indirect taxes.

The proceeds from the sales of the book will go towards Mahatria Guru & Jana Foundation, which supports the education of more than 200 children.

About the authors:
Guru Prasad is a Chartered Accountant and an alumnus of the Indian Institute of Management. He has engaged professionally with several corporations in India. Previously, he has authored Banter Beyond
the Buck, a philosophical take on the business mind, and The God in the Boardroom, a collection of interviews of business leaders and corporate bigwigs.

CA Prashanth is an international tax expert and an avid lover of tax laws. He is a speaker on tax reforms across India and many other countries. Of the views he presented on the Indian National Budget 2019, more than 10 of Prashanth’s recommendations were accepted by the Finance Minister of India, Smt Nirmala Sitharaman.

CA Veeresh is a qualified Information System auditor who specializes in indirect taxes in India and the UAE.

Jana Ardhana is a leading Chartered Accountant with 20 years of experience and a well-earned reputation in statutory representation with regulatory and government departments.

Cost of the Book is ₹399

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