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"Entrepreneurship is the purest charity"

-Mahatria Ra

Our professional services make us a partner in the social eco-system.

We are an integrated service platform to cater to everyday accounting, payroll, governance, compliance & tax needs.  We do all these backend work for you and in turn you can focus on your vision and leave the rest to us.

Together we shall make the world a better place to live in.

Jeevika is your extended arm.  Earn we will and we should, but with dignity, joy and trust in our partnership.

Jeevika is ‘Us’, our logo represents ‘You’, as our very existence is for you.

The Circle signifies our 360 degree service delivery covering all important aspects for NGO, NPO, social enterprises and philanthropic collaborators

The circle represents the lush green globe that we are a part of, and the blue hue represents women and children whose interests we need to protect.

To sum up, our logo represents the co-existence of Nature and Mankind.

jeevika logo

Our Investors

Gurujana Jeevika Private Limited is a 100% owned entity of Guru & Jana, Chartered Accountants based in Bengaluru.

This is our first foray into the social enterprise plateau.

Jeevika came into existence to uplift the social sector.



Social sector upliftment is the responsibility of each one of us.

Social enterprises needs visibility to grow. This can be achieved by adopting best practices in compliances, dash boarding, governance, accounting, finance and marketing.

This is where we come into picture. We are a trusted service provider. We provide these services, which enable you to accomplish best process flows, systems and reporting.

This in turn will attract further grants, donors and corporate contributions to bring your vision to reality.

We make social enterprisese shift from IGNORANCE to EXPERTISE

Our partners

Dhwani Foundation

Their vision is a Vibrant and Credible social sector.

They conduct several capacity building programs for social enterprises in association with external service providers like us.

Contact us

We would be happy to render support services to you and in turn you can bring your Vision to life.

Gurujana Jeevika Private Limited
No. 41, Patalamma Temple Street, Basavanagudi, Near South end Circle, – 560004

Contact no: 080 42202020