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The character of an organization is its culture. We are very proud of our culture and character, which has the foundation of simplicity, truth and happiness.

What you can expect from our organisation

A fair working environment, a bond you will cherish, a path for your career growth. An organisation where there is least hierarchy. You will enjoy this journey in life, let’s build a beautiful organisation together!

What we expect from you

An honest day’s work. Respect for your work place and your contribution beyond yourself. Remuneration is vital, professional satisfaction is the goal.

Our values

‘Respect all, time and views’ would create a happy and healthy work environment. ‘Word is a word’ will ensure that client deliverables are always on time, and a promise made is important for all of us. ‘Hand’s on’ is a value that each of us take pride in. 10% is the idea, 90% is the execution... let’s execute our plans.


Guru & Jana has an innate culture of fairness. The values of respect would create happiness. As you enter our office, you can feel the positivity. A positive environment leads us always.

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