The character of an organization is its culture.
We are very proud of our culture and character, which has the foundation of simple truth and happiness.We believe in simple formulae of life at Guru & Jana and do all our work on these three pillars of action:

1. We are a happy organization
The process from recruitment to recognition is tuned to the basic character of happiness. We have employee engagement, good news board, constant rewards and recognition, which creates a happy organization.
The software, hardware and the soulware is wedded to happiness.

2. We are an organized enterprise
A happy soul will be more organized at work than an unhappy individual.
Apart from training initiatives, the software, the ERP systems, the unique diary initiative, the layout of the office, the org-chart, are all driven to make us an organized enterprise

3. We render faster services
A happy & organized individual can work faster. Apart from a culture definition, percolating the same into the roots is an every day process. Software tools, work tools & engagement create a culture that responds fast and proactively.
We believe that the size of a problem diminishes the moment simplicity is introduced. The decision making and thought process is driven by simplicity. Honesty and truth are the simplest and easiest to implement. The organization flows on the value of simplicity. We believe in “being simple”. This enables faster service

On a whole we are creating a happy person, who can work organized and render faster services.
This is ‘We’.