Our team is closely knit, and we proudly call ourselves the “Guru & Jana Family”. The team is brought together to coordinate all activities of the firm with the positive binding culture at Guru & Jana.The firm has over 326 members, including 78 professionals. The professionals comprise of Chartered Accountants, Cost Accountants, Company Secretaries, lawyers , and MBAs. Our executives are predominantly graduates and we also have a young and vibrant group of trainees who bring in energy, lateral thinking and a combination of strategy and action.

Categorization of the teams:

We have categorized ourselves into different teams to cater to our ‘single umbrella policy’ of service delivery.   We are able to offer everything under one roof, including specialized services to our clients.
The teams focus on: Tax, Corporate law, Corporate Outsourcing, Audit & Assurance and Consulting.
Our support teams include HR, F&A, Systems & Technology and Training.
Both sets of teams are headed by the Knowledge Team.

Unity in diversity:

The firm has 10 people with over 2 decades of experience in the profession. The average age of the firm is 24 years and this blend of experience and youth is a wedding of wisdom and energy.

There is a marriage of cultures in the firm. People both from India and overseas work here.   We are proud to have talent from far and wide working with us, from the South bastion of Kerala, to the Eastern frontiers Assam and the Western borders of Rajasthan.

Trainees from Dubai, Saudi, Bangladesh, and Nepal are a common feature in the firm, who bring in extra dimension to the existing diversity.