Necessity is the mother of invention. Each of our unique paths has risen through an experience.

First in a Billion

‘A few years ago the management team was burning the midnight oil to ensure that the tax returns were filed. The last date was approaching and everyone felt under a lot of pressure. It was at that time we thought, ‘why should we file our own tax returns in the 11th hour?!’ We made a promise then that we would be the first people in India to file tax returns.’
Filing the first tax returns in a country with a billion people demonstrates that if we are simple and organized, we can be first. This is the mission of our organization.

Hours spent on a single sheet of paper

A senior manager was frantically searching for a document to be submitted to a client. It started first casually, then, panic, and finally, became an embarrassment to the firm and a source of frustration to the client.
‘When this happened’ we realised that we can be organized better, if we spend our time on productive work. This realisation led to a new possibility… ‘Can we be a paperless office? Can we search for a document in just a minute?’

Paperless office

We are now a paperless office and the digital world has made this a possibility. The entire workflow process is driven through a tailor-made workflow software that helps the firm to be more organized – we now do not spend endless hours searching for a sheet of paper.

From ‘We are a team?’ to ‘We are a team!’

The origins of Guru & Jana started in a small office of just 500 Square feet. The partners of the firm decided to have independent cabins, while the colleagues sat in the open hall. Though the office was small, the distance between the team kept widening.
‘Then, we thought’, ‘Why is there is no semblance of a team?’. This introspection led to a new value in the organization ‘Respect all’. We visualized an office with no walls and no barriers. The new office facility at Basavanagudi has a unique absence of walls, barriers, cabins, or closed rooms etc. The entire office is an open playground. This has brought in a fabulous team spirit and grown into a bonding.
‘Today we call it’ ‘the Guru & Jana family’. This family bond is demonstrated in every aspect of the office – the open cafeteria, the games area, the happy photo wall and the open lighting. We have a huge tree inside the office, which adds to our life – the tree is a part of the team too.


Client satisfaction is vital to us at Guru & Jana. A job well done should also be well presented.

We had done a transfer pricing study for a client a couple of years ago, but despite putting a lot of effort and time, the client still did not feel the work was complete. The document was of quality, yet the presentation of the document was not appealing.

We generally do a whole lot of work and can never really showcase the time and effort spent, unless our deliverables are at their best.

Here, we wondered, ‘Why was the client not happy with the deliverable, even though our quality was good?’ With this thought process in mind, we developed our own software Vivid which is like a magic box that throws out a neatly indexed and numbered PDF docket. Every deliverable from our office is not just a document handed over to a client, but a giftwrapped presentation. This creation is born in a few minutes through our tailor-made creative solution, which does the hard work for us!

Banter beyond the buck

Everyday, lunchtime is a festival time at Guru & Jana. Everyone gathers in the cafeteria for a good meal with a game of table tennis. Over lunch, we used to discuss our experiences and things we had learnt. Some with a lot of joy, some with remorse, the others with awe and some with disdain. Realising the joy it gave us to share these experiences with each other, we decided that they should be collected and published. This gave birth to an in-house magazine   Light House.
‘The consolidation of all these experiences’ summed up in the magazine, gave birth to our book’ ‘Banter beyond the buck’.
Experiences are the mother of all teachings. This book sums up our experiences and is available on – “

Our Anthem

The organization developed a vision, and a mission and expressing this to the entire team had to be a joyful experience. This had to be engraved in the subconscious mind for every member of the team, and to help them internalize the core values of the firm.
‘Here we realized’ that good music and song could drive the message to our hearts, and also be a unique experience. This thought gave birth to our anthem, the ‘Guru & Jana Anthem’, which is practiced in the firm in an open assembly every day. The anthem holds us together, and drives us towards our goal.

Our prayer

“When you pray, you rise to meet in the air, those who are praying at the very hour” Khalil Gibran.
‘We practice the infiniminute everyday at 11:11 and we experience peace descend.
In this world of activities and noise, we help in adding silence to the inner and outer world.

Online classrooms for training

Training has been the life of this profession which has helped us to bloom faster.  We are growing in numbers and due to the work execution at client places within and outside the city, our Guru & Jana members are scattered in various spread across the city & outside too.

We felt the need for a training which can be accessible and beneficial to all of them coupled with cost effectiveness and workable logistics.  We have all been networked through the internet in the contemporary world.  With the patronage of the NET, we embarked upon the idea of online video training.  With this deliberation in mind, we got our framework together and have devised a training methodology where a video recording of the training is done.  This would permit access to training videos and help our members avail the benefits of training.

We are successfully completing four trainings in the month, where trainers from around the impart their valuable knowledge.

We know Nihongo (Japanese):

India is the preferred market for investments from all over the world. Recent studies have revealed that Japanese market would be coming to India in large numbers.
Our team has keen students of Japanese language, so that we can serve well with knowing a foreign language. Yoroshiku onegaishimasu (we look forward to a long term relationship)!